Fast ortophoto… quality?

I did a test where I run all three ways of doing an ortophoto.

A full run with orto from mesh looks best and just from 2.5D looks good.

But the fast orto looks terrible. Wonder if that can be improved a bit.

If the full ultra run is 100% time then 2.5D is about 50% of that time and fast orto is 20%.

Although I rather wait a bit more to get a better result.

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What type of scene are you using it on? It is mostly meant for situations where Pix4DFields would be appropriate (for instance), so mostly flat scenes like an agricultural field.

If you’ve got a lot of dynamic changes in height, like an urban or built environment, it isn’t going to do as well as a full 3D/2.5 reconstruction because it isn’t meant for that type of data.

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