Failures downloading opendronemaps iso

====I paid my money, I connect to google drive, it downloads about 100-500 meg and fails
20 attempots is getting to be hard to take
How can i overcome it or fix it or get the 3 gig file ??

Hey @bjk896 :hand: first thing to check would be that you are connected to a stable internet connection. Also disable any VPN software you might be using. What country are you connecting from?

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I’ve had no issue getting the file. Try a download manager?

All good It just took time


Actually it isnt OK I thought I had opendronemap.iso downloaded to my system (but its lost !!) I then tried putting the URL (*****) into Microsoft Download manager which fails due “problem accessing file”

Is it me, the system, the URL?
What should I put into download manager please

You need to open the URL first, then there’s a “Download button”. You may or may not be able to use a download manager. Usually it’s best to use one that integrates with your browser (extensions). Google Chrome has several.

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I used LoadKit for Windows 10 as it has a built-in browser for such difficult to capture urls.