Failure to wait for IP

when loading the application, the webodm mannager window fails to load it, it waits for a while for an IP and ends up saying that the initialization failed. I’ve tried many times with the same result.

Hey @Luis_Valdez, I’ve received your e-mail, but since you posted here I’ll continue the conversation here.

Network issues are often solved by restarting the computer and pressing the “Delete VM” button from the maintenance panel.

Also, have you tried to follow any of the troubleshooting steps from the installation manual? Did those help?

Hello Pierotofy,
i have also been having this problem recently.
i am hesitant to delete the VM again as i lose all of the projects.
i have also reinstalled WEBODM when i first had this problem and for a while it worked OK.
it says Docker is not communicating, however i can run Docker through its terminal.
i have done all the normal things like reboot. WEBODM does not appear to start docker but does start Virtual Box.
does a VPN get in the way, although i did turn it off and tried again with no luck?
has there been any updates on this in another post?
is there something else i can do other than reinstall again?

Hey @PAHDrone, these issues can be tricky; VPN might be the cause (but it might also not). You could try to upgrade VirtualBox to the latest version (, since the one that comes with Docker Toolbox is out-dated? I don’t think this will lose the projects, but I haven’t tried it, so there’s a small possibility you might lose them. Just in case, perhaps make a backup of the VM files before upgrading.

thanks for your reply pierotofy.
i have the latest Virtual Box so not that i guess. VB shows two old VMs so may need to clean them up.
i deleted the VM in WEBODM and it works, not ideal.
i am not sure where to find the VMs to backup so will do some more research into this. my guess its here. C:\docker-webodm\machines\webodm.
also will make sure i download any outputs in the future! :slight_smile:

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