Fail on webodm, works on other web interface. FIND the wrong parameter out

I did try the same wok with webodm and pix4d.
The first fail the second not.

Please fnd enclosed the quality report of the second one and message error of webodm.

Any hint how to find the wrong parametrs ?Project-2021-07-23_report.pdf (2.1 MB)


Unfortunately, it is not possible to copy full console outpt as procssing is closed.

Name: mandragora corpo a

Images: 417

Status: Failed

Time Elapsed: 02:34:42

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Can you share the dataset so we can attempt to see what’s going on better?

ys, as written the dataset is huge I’ve tried many times to upload and I’ve found problems in connection stability via webodm console or web interface. I’ve this problem not via pix4d, for instance.
I may send you a we transfer, but even better would be nice if you may download directly from my account on your webserver. I give you any permission. Or isn’t it for 15 days stored ?
In caso it is not, send me also privately an address for a we transfer or any other option you see.

The final results are stored, not the source data.

I also can not look into customer data when uploaded to WebODM Lightning.

Another host will be best.

You can open the console dialog box and download the entire file. It is too big to post the entire file here, but you could put it somewhere publicly available for download.

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hi gordon,
after the job is closed, even if it falis, you can NOT copy the console output any more.
You may copy it BEFORE th job is finished, not after.
I did check it twice to b sure, it works in that way.
So I ahave no possibility to get the error message.
all the bst,

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Are you able to re-process the data with all defaults to collect the WebODM processing log?

I use the console interface and use these parameter: [odm] --force -m 99999 “$1” --dsm --orthophoto-compression JPEG --build-overviews --dtm --orthophoto-cutline --mesh-size 300000
and I may set any. I guess that, if I don’t change any, it will be default. If so I did try but does not work. I may try again and send you the log.

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I’m having trouble completing the point cloud reconstruction, even on Lightning.

I think the sky may need to be masked out of some of these images to keep the reconstruction more constrained.

good point. I may try choosing manually the pictures without the sky and I’ll try again. If it works, could be a point to keep in mind for new flights. I let you know how it goes.

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Sounds great! Let me know how you get on, and if not, we maybe can try a really small sub-section of it with a few masked images as well.

how could I “mask” a picture so that odm still read that ?

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It can be a bit time consuming, but not too bad!

I did try, and made many mask. After I uploaded and dtay three days calculating, the job “DESAPPEAR” without an error message. I did try twice, just to be sure. Schermata 2021-09-02 alle 07.26.00

Ah, masks are black/white, where black is ignore and white is keep.

sorry. I try again. D