Extreme large texture files in ODM2.6.7

I’m testing the latest version and noticed the texture files are much larger compared to the previous versions.
Previously the texture images sizes are always below 8196x8196, the textures are evenly distributed in multiple texture images. Now it seems most of the textures are filled in the first texture image. The first texture image can have size 24576x24576 pixels, and unfortunately, I can’t open it with meshlab.
I wonder is this intended? Is there a way I can control this behavior?

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Yes, this is intended behavior and the result of changes made to the texturing process to prevent crashes with large areas that need to be textured.

The issue with MeshLab is not something we knew of, however.

I wonder if they might need to update something on their end to accommodate larger texture maps.

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Thanks, I’ll find an alternative viewer

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