Extract lat long from image exif

I am trying to make a script that will help me cluster images according to their position and i was studying the odm repo to help me achieve the same as i have noticed that odm first extracts exif data from the images before it does anything.
I stumbled across this file in the odm repo and im assuming that it is responsible for reading the exif data and returning lat long co ordinates after having read the files exif which stores the data in degrees minutes and seconds. can someone confirm this for me?

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Not sure! Seems correct, but I don’t understand the internals of the architecture well enough yet.

Have you tried using it already?

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yes i got an alternate. I’m writing a script to manually cluster images for ODM split merge so it works on PCs like mine. If i get some guidance from Piero then maybe we can make a plugin?

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That sounds amazing! I think Stephen is also a great resource for split/merge.

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