Exports opened in MS 3D Viewer are positioned incorrectly

When I open my exported assets in Microsoft’s 3D Viewer, the axis/orientation are incorrect. The object opens up in the app sideways. This causes difficulty rotating the object as I would like, and the built in animations do not work as one would expect.

Is there a way in WebODM to specify the “ground”, or which direction is up and which is down?

Some viewers put the axis differently, in geodetics Z is up/down and X/Y is North/East. In screen graphics Z is in/out and X/Y is coordinates on screen starting in the upper corner.

ODM use geodetic coordinates but your viewer probably use the screen coordinates.

You can use CloudCompare to rotate the model to fit the viewer.


Best avoided IMO, Meshlab works very nicely too.


Thank you both for your input and exposure to new terminology (ie geodetics)!

My target was Microsoft’s 3D Viewer since I figured that would be the easiest way for me to share my creations with others since it’s already installed on any Windows 10 computer. Yes, I know there are web-based solutions, but I don’t want to pay for them and I’m not sure how much I trust any free solution.

I tried Meshlab since I had come across that name a few times before. I THINK I was able to figure out how to rotate the object so it opened correctly in MS 3D Viewer, however I was unable to export a textured object. Upon opening in 3D Viewer, it was just a monochromatic blob. I chose the Meshlab option to save texture images while saving in .obj format, but apparently that didn’t work. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong on the export/save step?

I’ve mainly used Meshlab for viewing only, and the only export I did was as a .ply file after removing extraneous bits of texture, which I was able to correctly view in Meshlab, but 3D Viewer only shows it as a monochromatic model.

Ok, thanks. Glad to know I’m not the only one, or doing something wrong. I’ll experiment with some other apps like CloudCompare to see if it can produce 3D Viewer-compatible outputs.

Just to be certain, am I correct in assuming there is no way to get WebODM to export using screen coordinates, or something other than geodetic?

I don’t think so, but hopefully someone who knows can inform us.

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