Exporting to dxf and Json feature in 3D doesn't work

The processed 3D point cloud is not exporting the file to DXF or Json formats.

Screenshot (111)

It shows that no measurements available.
What should I change in my processing options or settings pf WebODM to export the file to a DXF file.

What are you trying to export to DXF/JSON?

Normally, that is done from the 2D view with the Contours plugin.

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I want to export my 3D point cloud to export to DXF to visualize in AutoCAD.
The 2D export with contours is working but it’s only contours not the image background to compare.

You may need to investigate using QGIS for converting your data to AutoCAD-compatible DXF. The tools in WebODM are specifically targeted towards normal end-user use cases, like contours.

You would need to import the orthophoto with the contours if you want the ortho as a background layer.

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Autocad, without special extensions, won’t handle the point cloud well, and it certainly wouldn’t handle it as a dxf, which is not optimised for that many points.

You’ll need to find out what extensions autocad has for reading and displaying point clouds. And then you’ll likely just be viewing them from a downloaded LAZ file.


You can use CloudCompare for exporting to different formats. It works well.


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