Exporting Textured 3D Models

I have been working with WebODM for a few months now. I recently downloaded some textured 3D models (OBJ format) with the aim of visualizing them in a web application using Cesiumjs and threejs. After doing this, the models are displaying without the textures.
I have previously exported models in .ply format in other software (e.g. Agisoft) and this works fine. Does WebODM allow exporting to .ply format or any other workaround??
Thanks in advance.

The OBJ files are a pretty standard format, and currently the only mesh output format for OpenDroneMap. You might try translating them with blender.org. Let us know if it works! If it doesn’t, we can explore other approaches.


You probably can also use meshlab for the transation, and it might be more straightforward than blender.

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