Exporting shaded 3D model

The shading function in the 3D modelling is an excellent feature.

Is there a way to export a shaded 3D model as a rendered geotiff?

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Ooh, very interesting… I don’t believe so.

What’s your use-case for this?

I work with vegetable farmers here in Tasmania and I’m trying to improve field drainage design using WebODM 3D surface models generated by using GCP’s with my standard Phantom 4 Pro.

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Oh, I understand you better now. You want the paletted DSM/DEM/DTM as a GeoTiff so you don’t have to apply a color ramp in QGIS. Yes, you can export it from the WebODM UI. I’m on mobile at the moment, so no screenshot, but I’m going to get back to you shortly.


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I prefer the colour palette used in the quality report over what I can view in WebODM, as it has the extra purple colours below the dark blue. Is there any way that could be a choice in WebODM?

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There’s (almost) always a way!

Now you have me questioning myself because I never noticed they were different… Let me take a poke.

Is there a way to export that actual image as a GEOTIFF? Mine come out as a black and white image that looks like a mask. I’d like to load that GEOTIFF into the Avenza Maps app on my phone so that I can go out and walk it on site.

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Looks like in a coming patch we’re getting Virdis for everything! It is a really well-known ramp that has a lot of advantages over what we were using prior.


I need to apologize to you and everyone else I told we could export paletted DEMs:
At present, we can not. It exports the original unpaletted image.

We are tracking this as a Feature Request.

For the time being, you will need to symbolize in QGIS to get your required output style.

I am sorry for my mistake! I relied upon (faulty, as ever) recollection instead of trying to reproduce the behavior at that time.


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