Exporting Procedure & File Locations

SO I am relatively new to using WebODM. How do I export images and where do they export to on my PC? I can not find any area in my account that shows me a path as to where exports go to. Also, does it take an extraordinarily long time to export an image? When I click on EXPORT in LAYERS, the EXPORTING wheel is spinning and spinning but I never see the image export anywhere. OR at least its not telling me where its gone if it has at all.

Thanks for any help.


There are quite a few options related to exporting and downloading. if you want export to something other than the raw geotiff you can export like you are doing, but it will take a while because ODM has to process it to the format you are selecting. Otherwise you can export the RAW georiff which is the same as downloading from previous screen.


I find it quite useful to export “All Assets” as shown in uplanddog’s post above, that way you can easily view everything in WebODM by importing the .zip file at any later date, as the assets are auto-deleted from view after a couple of days (or maybe it’s after a couple more tasks have completed).

The zip file is exported to the downloads folder.

Thank you Uplanddog and Gordon. Where I thought I was going wrong was clicking on Export in each of the product segments. The processing icon just kept spinning and spinning. I did not realize that the site was processing it and it was not being processed locally. Eventually, it shows up as a download.

Gordon - I did what you suggested nice to have all the package. Except its missing the elevation jpg(?).


If you didnt select DSM/DTM as an option in the processing parameters then there will not be a elevation model.

So that has to be selected before I start the processing?

Yes it is part of the processing parameters. See the link for help.


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