Exported KMZ Transparent Areas Black When Opened In Google Earth

Orthophoto when displayed in WebODM:

Same orthophoto when exported to KMZ and opened in Google Earth:

Why is the KMZ transparency not working in GE?

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The KMZ export in WebODM was buggy for some time.
It was mentioned here on the forums and the devs know about it.

… 2min later …

Ahja, to try it out I just exported a project in KMZ and now it works correctly:

WebODM is version 2.0.1 and ODM is 3.1.0
If you use the Docker version just run ./webodm.sh update and it should pull the latest versions.

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Thanks, that worked. I did run update yesterday and something updated, not sure what, but I did notice that the interface showed v1.9 something. I wasn’t sure what the latest version was. Today’s update looked different than yesterday’s and it did update to v2.0.1.

So much thanks and all is right in the world now.


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