Exported DSM elevation maps are black

I’m trying to export the elevation maps I’ve created with WebODM, so I go download assets then surface model (GeoTIF) and download dsm.tif. When I open this image with windows photo viewer then entire image is black.

Is there a fix for this and is anyone else experiencing the same issues?

This is expected, unfortunately. Very few bitdepths render visibly in Photos.

I have opened a number of issues on Feedback Hub about this.

Is there anything I can use to view the elevation maps?

If not what’s a (preferably free/cheap) piece of software that I can use to generate elevation maps



Oh ha, I was just saying more or less the same thing on your Reddit post. I recommend QGIS as well. If you just want a simple snapshot of what’s rendered in WebODM with the red/green/blue color ramps and all that (and you don’t care about embedded geo info) the simplest method is probably just grabbing a screenshot.