Expired SSL certificate doesn't auto renew

Looks like the Lets Encrypt ssl cert expires after 60 days and needs to be renewed manually. Though the documentation “https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM” says
"That's it! The certificate will automatically renew when needed."

but my certificate has expired and no luck even after restarting with “./webodm.sh restart --ssl”…
I had to start in non-ssl mode and then ssl mode to have the new cert. Has anyone faced this situation or any other way to automate?

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Mm, in theory this should already be automated (there’s a cronjob inside the docker container that should take care of it), but perhaps for some reason it’s not working.

Check the crontab file inside the container?

docker exec -ti webapp bash
crontab -e

You can also force the cert to upgrade by invoking the nginx/letsencrypt-autogen.sh script from the container.

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