Exit on code 132 - No Output

Hi everyone. I’ve been playing around with WebODM for a few weeks now, and I’ve managed to get it to run a few tasks successfully in a Ubuntu virtual machine on my laptop (Core i7-8750H, 16Gb RAM, 150Gb HDD allocated). My next step is to set up a server machine that’s always on running Ubuntu with WebODM. I’m having a strange issue with it exiting on code 132 when I start a task, but nothing is showing up in the task output, it’s completely blank.
This machine is old (Athlon II X4 640, 4Gb RAM, Lots of HDD space). I’ve looked around trying to find answers and have seen a few mentions of having to possibly rebuild the docker image on older machines. I’ve tried running ./webodm rebuild a couple times, with no luck. I’m sure I’m not going deep enough on the rebuild to make it work.
Does anybody have any ideas on why it’s not working?
I’ll admit I’m not a Linux guy, I’m kind of fumbling my way through it but always appreciate a good excuse to learn it.

How big is the dataset? Maybe try a smaller dataset like the banana and see if it’ll run that: Banana Dataset

The original dataset I was trying to process was 269 images with total file size of 1.37gb. I’m getting the same outcome with the banana dataset.

My best (uneducated) guess is not enough memory or disk space for it to work in. Even if you set 64GB swap space on the disk, you’ll not have enough hard drive space for the tasks to and even if you figure out a sweet spot for a small number of images, it will soon break for larger ones. Plus, it is going to take FORever to run.

I’m prepared for that to be the case. I just would like some indication as to what the issue is. Whether I need to simply add more RAM to the system, or if the processor is too old and I need to build a newer system. These two approaches have different price tags.

Memory is almost always the limitation.