Exiftool local geoid - DJI RTK ellipsoidal height

Hello all, we just got our new M300 RTK drone with the new P1 35 mm camera.

The RTK gives us the ellipsoidal height so it need to be adjusted to the local height system.
In Agisoft its just a matter of convert references but to process it in WebODM i believe I need to do this before the actual process of uploading the dataset to WebODM (correct?).

Can exiftools will help me with this?
Ca somebody please give me some advice on workflow and some better understanding what I need to do.

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I assume for a small area, it’s just an offset, and you can do the math in a command with exittool.

Am I correct that the datum correction is just an offset?

The alternative is to simply apply the offset in QGIS or similar after processing.


Best thing to do is to have a few check points to some permanent survey marks in the area to work out the elevation offset however if there is no local check points available you can use this calculator. The local elevation accuracy is generally around 0.050-0.100m which is great for most applications:


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