EXIF data

I’m new to webODM and one of my goals is to make IR orthomosaics but my camera does not output EXIF data. So I have two questions:

  1. Is EXIF data needed to create ortomosaics?
  2. If EXIF data is needed what are the the must have fields and the format? (I can add EXIF data to the images in post processing).



No, exif isnt a must but it may help to speed up processing.

With gps coordinates it can speed up matching.


Welcome, Asa!

You could also create a geo.txt file according to the documentation if you don’t wish to directly modify the images themselves:

If you don’t have any georefence data, your products will obviously not be georeferneced at all, and may have translation, scale, skew, and other artifacting that will require you to correct them manually if they’re going to be used in a georeferenced project.


Very helpful. Thanks.

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Are there any additional data items that should be supplied in the exif lines (e.g. image Width and Length, Altitude)?

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Nope, just exactly as the spec states!

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