Example Multispectral Ortho

So I am very interesting in remote sensing with regards to agriculture but unfortunately I do not have access to a drone with a multispectral camera. Therefore, I was curious if anyone has a multispectral ortho they might be willing to share so that people like me could use it for practice?



Check our ODMData Repo!

When you get a multispectral sensor, please consider contributing a sample dataset for us all :slight_smile:


So sure I have a phantom 3 standard I am not sure if there is a brand of multispectral camera you would recommend for this platform.

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My applied knowledge in this space is a few years out of date.

I’d first look to see what camera systems companies typically pair with P3 and P4 platforms, and use that to guide your research.

I liked MicaSense stuff, but yeah.

So unfortunately when I try to make orthos from the example multi spectral imagery I keep getting the error message “cannot process data set”. Should I set webodm to high quality ortho vs multi spectral maybe?

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Yeah, that might help as a first-pass.

I’m surprised that my sample data are not processing, however (Edmunds and Redman)…

So I got the Seneca images to work using default settings but it looks like it was an RGB camera where red was modified to record NIR. It did not work when set to multi-spectral.

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That’ll be true of both of my datasets, as well. I was using a Blue/NIR NDVI filter on a Full Spectrum modified GoPro Hero4 Black. So like the Seneca dataset, it is RGB not multi-spectral.

Have other people got multi-spectral to work with WebODM using those set of imagery?

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My data are not multi-spectral, so the multi-spectral processing pipeline is not valid for them.

mine multi-spectral never works in WebODM.

good to know

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