Everithing works fine in 2.1.0

Just to leave a positive tag having seen around some negative note:

For me 2.1.0 works fine, is faster and accurate

Yes I know I’m only a beginner very basic user neither finished reading Pietro’s fantastic book, don’t have a pro drone, can’t understand many of the things you guys discuss, but that’s the matter, I open webodm pick up the photos and that is it works, think most users is what they need.

btw I run webodm in linux with docker and it’s fantastic seeing all my little xeon 12 cpu at 100%.

Thanks Pietro and all the others for the efforts you are making.


:slight_smile: glad to hear a positive report!

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Thanks for the happy report, Luca!

I too don’t have an amazing drone, nor have I finished the book (it is helpful!)

Your Xeon build sounds fun!

Can you post example data in the dataset forum, or maybe your favorite result so we can see too?

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