Ethan (Hivemapper) Introduction

Hi folks,

My name is Ethan Van Andel. My background is in applied mathematics, but I’ve been working in drone photogrammetry the past few years.

I currently lead the engineering team at a company called Hivemapper. We’re doing drone 3d mapping, very similar to ODM, though we operate in the government and commercial space and our focus is on building maps that automatically grow and evolve over time.

I’d love to continue this conversation over time. I’m interested in what you all think of what we’re doing, and I think there might be some interesting opportunities for collaboration.

That’s all for now. I hope to ask a few questions later.

Ethan Van Andel

P.S. The traditional mandatory plug - we’re hiring!


Welcome Ethan,

That’s really interesting work at Hivemapper.


Welcome! Really interesting work! :clap:

I really like the change detection feature. Combined with volumetric analysis of stock piles it’d be brilliant for aggregate measuring. Nice work!