Error with ./ start --dev on windows

so i was trying to see how i can access the developer mode of webodm and i read through the file on the webodm repo.i was instructed to enter ./ start --dev to enter the developer mode. I did it and was met with an error which was /bin/bash: /webodm/ /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory i opened the file where i noticed the occurance of chmod being used. i realised that this is unix/linux only which is why i was getting an error on windows. now what do i do to be able to enter the development mode on windows?

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Right, is a convenience script for Linux. You might be able to modify it to get it to work on Windows, but it will not work on Windows as-is.

Open the script and look at the commands that are used to launch the environment.

The basic idea is to launch a ODM container, then mount a docker volume at /code (where the ODM code is inside the container) to a Windows directory containing your git checkout folder (the folder with your modifications). Then you need to re-run the bash reinstall command so that the build and SuperBuild directory are populated properly in your git folder.

Careful with the git checkout process! Make sure to use:

git clone --config core.autocrlf=input

Otherwise git might convert line endings to and cause the issues you mentioned.