Error to create mosaic from radiometric calibrated images (multispectral)


I am working with agricultural images, so before submitting the images to ODM to generate the orthophoto The images are from Micasense Altum, so I am using the micasense library to process the images (Unwarp the image, align, crop edges, get reflectance, expand the thermal layer to fit in the others).

However, after calibrating the images ODM is not being able to create the orthomosaic, it does not launch any error just has a terrible output image: all fluorescent green with just two layers.
If I use the raw images as input, ODM seems to be able to create the orthomosaic quite well (except for the thermal layer), but then I cannot individually calibrate the images anymore. It would be not as good to calibrate the whole orthophoto after assembly because I would lose the DLS2 information.

Do you think any of these steps may be throwing ODM off causing it to fail while building the orthomosaic?

This is the command I am using (I am running ODM through singularity instead of docker):
singularity run -B ${image_path}:/tmp/code/images
-B ${output_path}/ortho:/tmp/code/odm_orthophoto
-B ${output_path}/georeferencing_25d:/tmp/code/odm_georeferencing_25d
-B ${output_path}/meshing:/tmp/code/odm_meshing
-B ${output_path}/georef:/tmp/code/odm_georeferencing
-B ${output_path}/texturing:/tmp/code/odm_texturing
-B ${output_path}/dem:/tmp/code/odm_dem
$container_Image --time --project-path /tmp
–dsm --use-exif --orthophoto-resolution 2
–ignore-gsd --texturing-nadir-weight 5
–texturing-data-term area

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Mm, perhaps skip the cropping (and possibly the unwarping). It’s quite possible that those adjustments are throwing off the reconstruction. The manual reflectance calibration on the other hand should be really helpful to generate better maps.


Hello, I had the same problem (I used the reflectance from micasense and tried next to use the ODM). The results were the same (the fluorescent green colors). I just deactivated the ODM calibration with “–radiometric-calibration none”. Hope this helps to you.

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