Error response from daemon

After I run the code:

docker run -it --rm -v “$(pwd)/images:/code/images” -v “$(pwd)/odm_orthophoto:/code/odm_orthophoto” -v “$(pwd)/odm_texturing:/code/odm_texturing” opendronemap/odm

It appears this error message:

> Error response from daemon: create “/Users/tiagootani/odm_orthophoto: "“/Users/tiagootani/odm_orthophoto" includes invalid characters for a local volume name, only "[a-zA-Z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9_.-]" are allowed. If you intended to pass a host directory, use absolute path.
> See 'docker run --help'.

Could you guys help me, solving this problem?

Thanks in advance,
Tiago Makoto Otani