Error: Process exited with code 1

Hey together,

i installed Web ODM for the first time and tried to process some data.
My Mission has about 200 pictures taken with an eBee X from Sensefly. (24MP - 6000*4000px)

The first two steps worked without any problems but each time at the third step (SFM) the same error appears: /bin/sh: 1: 32 anode-odm-1 dmidecode: not found
A potential error source could have been that Dockers hasn’t enough RAM for calculating, so I assigned about 6GB of RAM. But no change, same error.

About my Mac: 2.5 GHz i5 with 8GB of RAM.

Now I don’t know how to continue. I would be very happy about any tips you can give me.

The /bin/sh: 1: 32 anode-odm-1 dmidecode: not found is a warning, it won’t affect the output (we will fix this annoying warning in an upcoming update).

The problem is likely low RAM. Either add more ram, resize your images more, or consider offloading to the cloud via