"Error: Invalid device symbol" for Windows native

I bought the WebODM for Windows native and is getting an error when trying to create my first project. I upload the images and after a bit of processing it fails ang gives me this error:
cudaMemcpyToSymbol failed for Gauss kernel initialization: invalid device symbol

I managed to get the docker version running and working with the same images but has since uninstalled it.

Thank you in advance

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Mm, a workaround would be to set a ODM_NO_GPU (with value YES) environment variable in the Windows setting (to avoid using the GPU). Mind sharing what graphics card you have?



Sorry for the trouble.

I’ve seen it on a few folks’ computers and it seems to be with GPUs that just barely support CUDA 11.4 feature level, but not beyond. Newer GPUs/drivers seem to not have this issue with the same dataset.

As per Piero, sharing what GPU and driver you have would be really helpful.


Thanks! After following your advice and disabling the GPU it does seem to work (currently processing a task). I have a GTX 770 with driver version

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Another customer had the same difficulty and switched to a GTX 9xx series card and has been processing smoothly since.

I’m sorry for the confusion around this! It’s a bit tricky to track down, and even stranger to see since these cards/drivers should be fully supported going by NVIDIA’s information that they publish, but clearly something isn’t right.

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