EPSGs - projected coordinates - geographical coordinates

A user of mine ask:

1. Does WebODM use EPSGs and do the transitions between Coordinate Systems like a gis?

2. In the process of Georeferencing it is possible to use projected coordinates or only Geographical coordinates wgs84

3. In the georeferencing process it is possible to use coordinates of local reference systems such as the Gauss-Boaga including epsg 3003 or 3004

there is anybody who can help me, please?

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  1. Yes, internally. You can not choose output CRS.
  2. For GCPs, you can use any input CRS we support (vast majority)
  3. OpenDroneMap will always use the most appropriate local UTM CRS. You can not choose an output CRS.

@Saijin_Naib Thanks!

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I have only done a little testing but have had good results putting a proj4 string in the header of my control file, then using gdal for the ortho and las2las for the point cloud. I was trying it on a project that had been done in a commercial package for high accuracy engineering mapping. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the laz file and while the ortho didn’t compare quality wise, the registration was spot on.
To get the laz file back to my reference system I ran
las2las -i odm_georeferenced_model.laz -target_epsg 3753 -thin_with_grid .1 -copy_RGB_into_intensity -o StatePlane.laz
For the ortho I ran the following in a gdal shell
gdalwarp -overwrite -of GTIFF -s_srs EPSG:3747 -t_srs EPSG:3753 -co TFW=YES -r lanczos -tr .1 .1 odm_orthophoto.tif OH_N.tif



Yep, post-processing is required for CRS reprojections at present. A more comfortable way might be QGIS for many.

Thanks a lot,
the commands you posted are 90% of the solution i was looking for!

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