Elevations are coming off

I’m using OpenDroneMap in order to generate 3D models and DEM. And, I’m calling the run.sh script from my application like this

$PATHTOODMD/run.sh --project-path $IMAGESLIST --matcher-neighbors 0 --min-num-features 8000 --start-with resize --end-with odm_meshing $PROJECTID --dsm

From the results, I can say the elevations are coming off(Sometimes greater and lesser basing on the images uploaded).

I tried in passing the other run time parameters while calling run.sh script(referring to this https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/OpenDroneMap/wiki/Run-Time-Parameters)

$PATHTOODMD/run.sh --project-path PATHTOPROJECT --resize-to 5351 --force-focal 152.929 --force-ccd 226.5 --orthophoto-resolution 1 --min-num-features 30000 --matcher-neighbor 14 --mesh-octree-depth 12 --texturing-keep-unseen-faces --texturing-skip-visibility-test --texturing-data-term area

But couldn’t able to get proper elevations, but, the elevations are getting effected on changing the configuration params

Please, let me know, which run time parameters effect the elevations.

Any help can be appreciated, thanks

I would leave the force-focal and force-ccd parameters out of the command. OpenSfM is generally better at recognizing those from the images. The problems might be related to your images (if you have a camera with big lens distortion).