Elevationmap plugin

Hello ,
I would want to try elevationmap plugin , but whatever i try it gave me error.
I have enabled it and generate DTM/DSM
I have all dependencies installed (opencv-python rasterio geojson python3).

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

What error did it give you?

Just “error”

Ah, that helps. @pierotofy will need to weigh in on that issue, I think.

Are you updated to the latest?

It’s a fresh and latest native install at 16.04.
Guys , is it working with yours setups , at all?

Could be GRASS isn’t installed or configured correctly. I am curious: why a native install and not docker? Is there some customization you are doing?

I am sure that GRASS is up and running , because contours plug-in do it’s job.
I have no idea what to check.

I am Linux enthusiasts and like everything to be compiled from source .
Also Docker add another abstraction layer.
It’s difficult to control storage spaces through Docker, editing files, etc. At least for me.
Sometimes celery and gunicorn services are stuck and there is no update in status bars in WebODM interface .
It gives me better control.
Also experimenting with MicMac and find it far less resources hungry than ODM with comparable results.(of course without textured 3d model)
I made/gathered all in one script for installing from source on the Ubuntu 16.04 :
ODM , WebODM, NodeODM,ClusterODM and MicMac
You can check it , if would like:

It take 30 min approx on 4 core machine to finish its job and you have all latest of above.


Hey @rumenchooo!

So it’s a weird error you are getting here.

By looking at the code it looks like the expected output is missing, but so is the potential error file that is created by the script.

A while back someone had the same issue, also with a native install.

Just to make sure, are you certain that both dependencies are correctly installed?

Thank you for the sugestions.

Yes.Both dependencies are correctly installed.
I can import manualy in the interactive python3 all the modules listed here
Where can I see the logs ? Path to the logs?

I don’t think there are any logs on the plugin itself. That was what the error file was for, but I don’t know why it isn’t being created.

I can’t get to it today, but I’ll install WebODM natively and try to debug it, to see if I can find the problem.


Hei @ nchamo ,

Any progress on that , or any hint …