Editing Measuring Points to find specific volume or length


I’m a newb, and enjoying learning the ropes!

I purchased the install package, book, and pro ground control point version yesterday. Since I’m working on something time sensitive I chose to jump right to using the lightning service to process my dataset, since my local machine was running into memory problems (about 600 photos at a decently high resolution).

I’m wanting to map out proposed 2 acre building sites on a larger piece of property. My family is all moving onto land together, and this is to see how things will fit together prior to having it surveyed and recorded.

I practiced using the free trial for drone deploy, and was able to create the sections, and move the measuring points to edit shapes and find the right volume.

Is this possible using WebODM? I am able to use the measure tool to create straight lines or custom shapes with multiple points. However, I am not able to edit those points, or change the parameters of the area after creating it (or even after placing a specific point it cannot be removed).

I did look through the guide book and searched the forum prior to posting. However, it could be that I’m missing something that is right in front of my nose! :smiley:

I have not installed the GCP Editor Pro license, as I did not use any GCP’s in the capture process.

Thank you for your help!

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WebODM doesn’t let you modify the area/volume measurements at present. You could download the raw DSM and use a different tool such as QGIS in the meantime to do more in-depth analysis.


Strongly second Piero’s recommendation to use QGIS for more “permanent” analysis.

You’ll thank yourself later when you can call up your project file, add/change data, print new maps, etc.

Thank you very much for replying. I will check out QGIS.


Thank you for the reply! I am downloading QGIS and will give it a shot! :smiley:


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