Edit webodm default node's Hostname (webodm-node-odm-1) to fix offline issue

I am a dev who has installed webodm with docker.

as you can see the node is offline and I know why.

the node’s real name is “webodm_agriculture_node-odm_1”
so I only need to change the hostname from “webodm-node-odm-1” to “webodm_agriculture_node-odm_1” but that fix will only work on my device. I want a fix that will apply automatically when I pass my webodm version to another user.

I tried to fix the name in the boot.py file but it didn’t work even after I used the command:
docker build -t opendronemap/webodm_webapp .

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Have you poked around the YAML files for Docker called by webodm.sh?

Undorrtinatly not. I am a newbie whose whole knowledge came from college so I don’t know what it is supposed to do.