Edit Quality Report

I’ve been trying to edit the quality report generated by WebODM but I’m unable to find where the code is. I’d like to change the title, add some logos to the pdf among other things. Which file should I edit to achieve this or is there a developer documentation that can assist me understand the code?


Perhaps Piero or Stephen will reply, but just to note that the quality report is generated by ODM itself. WebODM really only funtions as a user interface.

The quality report was a recent addition. If you visit the ODM github site and look back through the PR you’ll find where the changes were made.



Thanks for your reply. Since the generation of the report is done by ODM, is that code within the WebODM repo or does my local WebODM clone call functions from the ODM repo on Github. I’m asking this because I didn’t download the ODM repo locally. I only downloaded the WebODM repo which is working very well. More simply, how do the two communicate?

I’m assuming you’ve installed WebODM using the instructions on the Github readme page. In this case you’ve installed it using docker etc.

The standard WebODM docker image also packages NodeODM & ODM. ODM is actually only a commandline toolset. NodeODM makes it accessible through a network, and therefore WebODM is the full web user interface.

You should therfore already have ODM installed. You can check in WebODM, on the left side ‘Processing Nodes’ you should have a ‘node-odm-1’ which is your local version of NodeODM.

Hope that helps.

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