Early days

Can anyone point me in the right direction: I’m just about to receive a DJI inspire 1 and want to use it for photogrammetry.

Is there somewhere I can view any tutorials which will take me through all the steps, or maybe anyone who has time to mentor me through it all?

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In a similar position, but with a Mavic Pro.
I was happy to pay the money for the installer so We ODM has been pretty straightforward so far.
I’m using DJIFlightplanner with Litchi to create and fly overlapping patterns. It also commands the photography.
I then take out the memory card and paste them all into a folder, only around 40 50 so far.
Web ODM is then pointed at the folder and does it’s thing.
I’m pretty amazed at it’s abilities tbh!
My last bit is to design a decent looking report to send to a client, including the captured data.


check out DroneDB