Earliest version which recognises --max-concurrency

Hi, I’m trying to get ODM running on WSL / Ubuntu. I’ve done it on one system, but am getting core dumps and broken pipes on another. The first thing I would like to try is to reduce the number of concurrent threads to one. It doesn’t appear that version 0.3.1 supports this flag, so I’d be grateful to know which version is the first to support this?

Alternatively, how else can I run everything in v0.3.1 single-threaded?

Hmm, max-concurrency affects some parts of the pipeline, but we are still working to enforce it across all programs. So in essence, ODM at some point will use more than 1 thread even if --max-concurrency is 1.

I wouldn’t recommend using the 0.3.1 release, it’s quite dated. Go with master.

Cool. Will try master soon. Currently using opensfm_processes and pmvs_num_cores but still getting issues with the seneca dataset if either are set greater than 1.

Other than memory issues, why might more than one thread cause problems?