DSM,DTM images are black and white


Hi , i am trying to create DSM and dtm and the output comes as black and white images , can anyone tell me why is that happening . is there any parameter i have to twk or change .


Open them with QGIS. https://qgis.org

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will arcgis work ? i dont have access to qgis

K, this is the standard greyscsle DSM output. The info is all there. Open the DSM in Qgis or ArcMap and change the color scheme.

i am able to open it in arcgis still it comes as black and white . is it because of the tool ? or i can only see the colors in arcmap or qgis . if this is correct and i need to change the color scheme , how cn that be done? thanks

You’ll need to set up a color ramp, or at the least change your settings for min/max values and stretch methods.

See this for an overview in qgis:

See this for ArcGIS Desktop:


This gets asked often enough I put together a quick example how to do this:


This is fantastic. Than you. If you want to add to docs.opendronemap.org too, that’d be amazing.

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I’m totally not against contributing documentation, I’m just not used to the format that’s used. I’ve only ever downloaded from GitHub, I’ve never submitted. I’ll have to sit down and learn that system too.


If you want to pursue, great. If not, just document it here with screen shots and verbage, and I can copy and paste it in, if you prefer.