DSM 3D (Spectrum values not textured model) - how to view

How do I view the Surface Model output that is present in 2D, in 3D? When clicking on the 3D mode, I only see the point cloud and textured model options.

I want to see the same model as shown in 2D, in 3D.



Hello there,

I’m not sure if WebODM has that feature, but I can suggest an alternative solution. You can export your DSM or DTM as a raster and import it into QGIS. Then, you can open View > 3D Map Views and adjust the settings to display your DEM. I’ve attached a screenshot of a DTM from the banana dataset in the 3D view of QGIS (although the model isn’t very good).

It would be great if WebODM could contain such a feature in the future.


One more thing to try, also in QGIS, is this extension: Qgis2threejs Plugin Document — Qgis2threejs Plugin 2.7 documentation.

Hope this helps!



Thank you for your response!

I use ESRI products, but do not have a license for 3D analyst. I import my .tif and able to adjust the symbology without any issues.

The output works just fine to analyze in WebODM to calculate what I need (volume) - just curious as to why the RGB output is not able to be viewed in 3D like the textured terrain model.



One option is to export the GeoTIFF and view it in Google Earth, overlaid on the existing lower resolution imagery. You can adjust vertical exaggeration to make the terrain more obvious if required.

An example here:

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Is this what you are after?


Yes, thank you very much for your help! Much appreciated!

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