Drones ... off-topic?

For those who use “less”, than professional quality drones, with specific software for the purpose …

There seems to be issues, with the methodology of recording data(photographs), which often leaves multiple flights a jumbled mess of data.

I’m sure that WEBODM, or any other program suffers from data that is not uniformly obtained and recorded. I have spent many, many hours trying to separate 2-3 flights(battery changes), which recorded, bad dates and chronologic time from startup(each flight beginning a 0:00 time)

Does anyone know how to ascertain more in depth specifications? I have looked, but have not found and such site that delves into this matter, although certainly such information would greatly benefit my WEBODM experience.

Please, do not chastise me too greatly, if this is too far off accepted topics …

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On your platform, what metadata do the images have?

Thank you for your inquiry …

The metadata I have for one photo(typical):
Dimension 2560 x 1440
width 2560
Height 1440
V & H res 96 dpi(generally 14 pixels per foot at about 100’H)
Bit 24

I’ve concluded that a HolyStone HS550 is not a good choice … even to practice with. When my finances improve, I will be taking advantage of benefits offered with the $29mo program …

WEBODM is an intense program and I’m slowly learning …(something about old Dogs and learning), but I am getting interestingly good results with WebODM.

Since I usually have multiple flights, sometimes two days at a time … I’ve learned that having HS550 photos illogically named, presents serious problems when I meld flights together.


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You might be able to use a tool like ReNamer by den4b to rename the images, depending… Which may help.

If you need access to a very reasonably priced brushed/trainer/entry-level sUAS with mission planning support, there is the SkyViper Journey GPS or 2450FPV, both of which ship with ArduPilot firmware and can be flown using Mission Planner, QGroundControl, Solex, or any other MAVLink-compatible stack for planning your missions.

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