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I’m interested in getting to know the DroneDB app. I have an account and I’m trying to store some projects there. I see it now supports showing the map and 3D model. I’ve uploaded the tif output but what specifically should I upload from the downloadable assets to display the 3D model. Can I store and view the point cloud as well as the mesh? What files must be uploaded in order to view these. Is it possible to share my projects stored here with the outside world?

I’m very interested in a potential open source storage location for all my projects and would like to get a handle on what is being worked on as well as what functionality is currently available in this app. How “ready for primetime” is this app?


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  1. 3D model
    1A. Not sure yet!

  2. Point Cloud
    2A. Not sure yet!

  3. External sharing
    3A. Quite easy to do, and built-in!

  4. Primetime Ready
    4A. May be depending upon your expectations, but databases are still “test”, so not permanent

Have a poke at what I have here:
odm_data_brighton_beach - DroneDB

Great thanks. Does the data have to be in that specific directory structure to be viewable?

I uploaded the raw imagery and now realize it would be better in a RawImagery Directory. It doesn’t seem like I can move the images once they are uploaded.

I also uploaded the processed tif orthophoto but it won’t display.

I’m interested in this because I’m trying to find an open source option for a statewide drone program and was hoping that some thinking was going into security, ease of use, data dissemination, and cost. This looks like a good start but I would assume without considerable funding it’s not ready to be able to considered for this.

I do like the idea that this can be upgraded with the right programmers getting involved.

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No, I don’t think the structure is set in stone. I’m unable to get 3D views working at all presently, but I’m not sure if that is a local issue or not.

No, I don’t think we support moving things quite yet.

Interesting. Is the GeoTIFF valid?

Yeah, I’m not sure it is ready for backbone usage yet. Would your state organization be able to provide financial support to reach that goal?

You currently can upload point clouds (laz, las) and they will display in the 3D view. We have plans to add support for OBJ (textured models) too, but we have to work out some quirks and make some design decisions (OBJ assets are not georeferenced, so they are somewhat special compared to the rest of the data we handle).

The app is in beta, it’s being actively developed and not all features are implemented as of yet. I wouldn’t label it “production ready”, but it’s usable.

We’d always welcome discussions around funding opportunities to speed up certain items on our timeline or to add new items.


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