DroneDB and WebODM

Had a question. I have put up a server with DroneDB and can connect just fine to it. I was able to upload data to the DB. Earlier I was able to do a DroneDB import and connect to the db. I go into in the plugin, add my login and the server IP, I click verify config and says succeed. I hit save configuration. Now when I go to DroneDB import it just goes to a blank white page within WebODM. I even uninstalled and re-installed and tried with just the default plugin info but still just goes to a blank screen. Any ideas?

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What port are you using? Are you resolving with host name, IP, localhost, etc?

  1. I can access the DroneDB from both local and public IP. I get succeed in the DroneDB plugin in WebODM. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling and leaving it with the default app.hub when I click DroneDB import it just goes to a white screen.
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Are any error messages printed on the screen or in the HTML Inspector of your browser?

Oh this is in WebODM desktop client, not through the browser.

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Here is before

Then after I click DroneDB Import

Happens even with default info


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I have the exact same problem.

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What version is everyone using?

I’m on the latest, I believe 1.9.16 and nodes are version 3.

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same here with me. the plugin shows and when i try and export it says loading, but the files do not transfer to the hub. any help would be appreciated.

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For the sharing part, this could be a bug in the Registry software; this is what shows up on the stack trace on the server side:

[03:46:05 ERR] Exception in Share controller Upload('FcNYhCZXxPIqkffRv4otCqA1aOR1', 'odm_dem\dsm.tif', '{file?.FileName}')
System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot find just added file!
   at Registry.Web.Services.Managers.ObjectsManager.AddNew(String orgSlug, String dsSlug, String path, Stream stream) in /Registry/Registry.Web/Services/Managers/ObjectsManager.cs:line 225
   at Registry.Web.Services.Managers.ShareManager.Upload(String token, String path, Stream stream) in /Registry/Registry.Web/Services/Managers/ShareManager.cs:line 448
   at Registry.Web.Controllers.ShareController.Upload(String token, String path, IFormFile file) in /Registry/Registry.Web/Controllers/ShareController.cs:line 92
   at Registry.Web.Controllers.ShareController.Upload(String token, String path, IFormFile file) in /Registry/Registry.Web/Controllers/ShareController.cs:line 93
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Something is wrong with DroneDB library because that error message is more like an assertion than actual check:

            // Write down the file
            await using (var localFileStream = File.OpenWrite(localFilePath))
                await stream.CopyToAsync(localFileStream);

            _logger.LogInformation("File saved, adding to DDB");

            _logger.LogInformation("Added to DDB, checking entry now...");

            var entry = await ddb.GetEntryAsync(path);

            if (entry == null)
                throw new InvalidOperationException("Cannot find just added file!");

Basically after adding it to DDB it asserts that it was added. Do you have a repro for this issue?

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Im not sure what a repro is? Sorry, not very savvy with this type of stuff.

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It’d be steps to reproduce the issue and any data we may need to replicate your exact issue if it doesn’t occur with all data.

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