Drone Piloting software

I am looking for a drone piloting software that will allow me to shoot video instead of photos.

Reason: I am flying a DJI Inspire Raw. This drone has a flight time of about 12 minutes on a battery so flying fast is a must. The camera/lens system is capable of taking good quality photos at fairly high shutter speeds, so motion blur should be manageable.

The photo interval is limited to 10 seconds when shooting raw images, 2 seconds with jpg. Even with a 2-second interval, the flight speed is limited My plan is to use the raw video recording capability of this camera, which can take 25 raw photos per second, and then cull the set to whatever I need for overlap.

I’ve been using Drone Deploy but I can’t get it to fly and shoot video at the same time.

Have you looked into Litchi? I have not used it myself since I only use the ArduPilot stack, but I would be surprised if it didn’t work the way you want it to:

DJI Inspire 1 uses the following:

  • TB47 battery: 99.9 Wh 10C 6S 22.2V LiPO 4500mAh with proprietary intelligent controller.
  • TB48 battery: 129.96 Wh 10C 6S 22.8V LiHV (high voltage LiPO) 5722 mAh with proprietary intelligent controller.

Due to the weight of additional hack-on batteries, and the advised maximum take-off weight of 3500g of the Inspire 1), together with stock equipment it isn’t advisable to add additional hack-on batteries, apart from the actual hack being not-so-straight-forward and risky. The gains are marginal, at best.

Some further reading.

I’ve used Litchi extensively for two years. It’s my preferred app for both hand-flying and for autonomous missions. Use it regularly for both photo and video.

I sounds like you may have a battery that has had the chemistry compromised. The Lithium battery systems have a life span that is heavily dependent on how deeply they are discharged, how fast they are recharged, how hot they get in use or transportation, how hot they are when recharged, what charge they have in long term storage, and others. If your battery is physically soft or spongy, that’s a dead give away to a damaged battery. Even if it is still hard, a single weak cell in the pack will make the whole pack voltage drop rapidly under use, and it’s that pack voltage that the drone monitors to tell you that you to land.

Other possible sources of short run time include brushless motors that have been degraded over time or heavy use. As they become less efficient, more energy goes into heating up the motor instead of turning the props, and the hotter the motor gets, the more it loses efficiency. A vicious cycle.

Some checks – your motors should not be too hot to touch after you land. Buy or borrow a new battery and see what duration you get from it.

But to your question – I can highly recommend Litchi. It’s rock solid.