Drone grid images + panorama THETA Z1 images

Hello all,

I use webodm with great success to generate accurate pointclouds and PANO2VR to create panorama tours.

Is there a way to join panorama images (from the THETA Z1) to the images collected with a “normal” grid mission from the drone?

Lets say that I take ground images of the outside of the building (360 panorama, Theta Z1) and also do a grid flight collecting images from a drone from the same building. Would it be possible to combine them in webodm and create a pointcloud from all of the images? Do I need to transform/unstich the panorama images in any way?

If the answer to the above question is yes then if I take alot of panorama images outside AND inside of a buildning (multiple images in the transferzone between inside and outside) and add them together with a grid mission flight images together with outside GCPs - would it be possible to make a fairly accurate pointcloud from the outside and inside of the building?

Hope you understand my questions…


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