Downloading Time?

What sort of times are to be expected when downloading large orthophotos? Processing is all done locally with an I7 9750, 16 gb ram.

I’ve done orthos with a Mini 2 @ 4000x2550 and no resize with the following alterations (Auto-boundary true, crop 3, dem-resolution 1, dsm true, fast-orthophoto true, feature-quality ultra, max-concurrency 6, orthophoto-resolution 1, pc-geometric true, pc-quality ultra) And a 483 photo ortho only took 2 hours and it was nearly instant to download a Jpeg or KMZ.

But I just did a 1493 photo ortho, split into 350 photo chunks with 150m overlap. It took 98 hours and once it finished I tried to download it and it seems to just be processing the output even now, 6 hours later. No Explorer window has yet to pop up to specify save location. Seems to be eating 1gb of ram and 14% of the CPU.

Do I keep waiting?

I kept waiting. It took over 12 hours. Yeesh

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