Downloading assets

I just switched to windows native ODM. When downloading my first set of assets, it did so in a zip file and everything worked fine. Since then, it doesn’t do the zip file if I pick one asset or all assets. It names everything as a “file” type. The drop down in the save menu only gives me . All file types as an option.

How do I fix this?


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Mm, strange. What happens if you restart the app?

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You should be able to rename them with a .zip at the end to have them work in Explorer’s zip function, if indeed they’re being exported properly. So, those aren’t lost yet :slight_smile:

Ok thanks. Doing a right click-> Rename and adding .zip worked. Wonder why the .zip was lost after I downloaded the first one.

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I did restart and it did the same thing.

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A second restart and now it seems to be working the way it should.

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🤷 Computers.

Glad you’re running smooth. Could you please let us know if this happens again?

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