Downloading assets issue

Good people I have completed a 1500+ processing and when i go to download the assets i get the following message.
I hope some one can help me.

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Oh, that’s interesting!

Do you have any other archiver programs available to open the zipfile with?

Perhaps NanaZip (7zip repackaged for Microsoft Store) or 7zip?

Back in the day of 1.44 MB(megabytes …?) disk drives one of the compression companies came up with a method of saving larger zip files by this very method, and I remember that disk 1 had to be followed by disk 3 and 3, otherwise none of the data was any good.

I found, to my dismay, that all the work projects in Web ODM consume the drive the program is on.

Even though I had about 90 GB still available, from time to time I ran out of memory(had to purge projects).

I wonder what happens if your working drive becomes full(temporarily?), if part of the zip fits, but then places the second half(?), onto the next available drive, without automatically recording that this was done?

I’m familiar with multi-part zips, but we don’t generate them, so what likely happened is the file was corrupted on disk from the sounds of things, especially if you ran low/empty on free space.

You might want to pass the --optimize-disk-space parameter for your Tasks if you’re storage-space limited.

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