Download Webodm 3D Model point cloud

I have tried to get the 3D point cloud using ply file, but the 3D view from Webodm and ply file is different. The ply file is sparse point cloud. I wonder how I can get the 3D point cloud that has the same as Webodm 3D view point cloud.

Here is my image link.

When I get the ply file, I download laz file and then using pdal I converted from laz file to ply then I visualize in Python script.

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Hi @Youngjun_Choi – the PLY is in fact the sparse cloud as you discovered. A georeferenced PLY never gets created because it introduces some precision issues to do so, so we go directly from an unreferenced PLY to a referenced LAZ taking advantage of the LAS/LAZ capacity to handle precision.

Your practice of converting the LAZ file to PLY is probably the best bet. Just be sure to transform it appropriately, as if you do it in the native coordinate system, you will loose precision due to the limits of floating point numbers.


Thanks for the answer.
If I want to get the point cloud result from Webodm, which is dense point cloud, how I can get this result? I would like to get the result and convert to ply file.