Download and Install the WebODM for new computer


Dear OpenDroneMap,

I subscribed the business package with credit card some days ago, and download and install the WebODM, but failed…

So I bought the new computer with window 10 and up-to-date hardware…
I tried to install the WebODM to my new computer, then system ask me to do same procedure again to pay the money.

My user ID is nspark4591

How can I install the pre-paid business package to my new computer…

Best regards,

Nikolai Park


Hey @nspark4591, could you post a screenshot of what you are seeing? You shouldn’t need to pay again.


Dear OpenDroneMap,

I couldn’t reach the procedure of downloading WebODM Manager in my new computer.
My old computer download the DockerDesktop and WebODM manager, and I click the WebODM manager, computer showed ond initial form and takes some time and after that computer showed the initial procedure is failed, and I couldn’t do more…
sorry for lack of my explanation.



Contact me via e-mail, I’ll send you a link to the download:


Dear WebODM manager,

I failed to install the WebODM to my computer.
I would like to pay-back money.
How can I ask to pay-back the money payed already.
The card number is Visa […]
Pls advise to me…


mail :


Hey Park, get in touch via and we’ll get the process started! :+1: