Does WebODM time out your password?

Trying to sign into webodm… my password (its the same password, I’m not mis-entering it) doesn’t work anymore.

I can’t figure out how to get the command line password reset to work, have tried a few times… I’m missing something. Any ideas?

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No, we don’t time-out or otherwise expire the passwords.

The username field is case-sensitive alongside the password field. Are you certain both are correct?

What isn’t working about the password reset from the terminal? Do you have screenshots or the error message?

pretty certain it my user info or password haven’t changed… it auto populates on my laptop and I had it written down, so I’m as certain as I’ve ever been that it hasn’t changed.

I’m just getting a simple “invalid credentials” message.

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I’m using a Mac and Docker, via terminal I get:

$ ./ resetadminpassword yournewpass

-bash: ./ No such file or directory

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You have to open the terminal in the directory where WebODM is. Also, the $ is just a convention that shows it is a regular user terminal, not root terminal. You do not enter that as part of the command.

You likely need to cd to the WebODM directory first, like this:

cd WebODM
./ resetadminpassword yournewpass

That worked. Thanks a million… still learning about this side of it. I’m not particularly tech savvy.


Nah, no worries. That specific convention is a Linux (possibly Unix as well?) thing that I wasn’t aware of until just very recently since there is no differentiation of the terminal type within Windows’ terminal (just on the title bar for it).

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using this reset command gives he following error:

IndexError: list index out of range
Could not change administrator password. If you need help, please visit 
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Can you please screenshot or copy/paste your console command? That should not be possible.

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