Does rerun-from re-use previous parameters?

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Every thing is in the title, when using rerun-from does it re-use all the parameters use when running the pipeline the previous time or should I re-supply all parameters I need ?
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Are you working from the command-line or WebODM UI?

Also, keep in mind that if you change parameters for a stage that is already done, it will not take those changes into account if you don’t also re-run that stage itself.

Runing from command line and if I am not changing parameters. Idea is just to rerun the pipeline from meshing after external edit of the point_cloud.ply of the filterpoints stage but with the same parameters as the first time. Not having to resupply them would be handy

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This is a great question… I think it should keep the parameters for everything that has already run, but I don’t think it will for the stages that have not yet run.

What platform are you using? On Windows, I would “pin” my commandline to the Windows+V Clipboard History for easy reuse. On Linux, I use my XFCE Sticky Notes widget.

This is correct. Any flags for previous stages don’t need re-specified, although it is better practice to do so, it isn’t required.

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Okay, how can I be sure of what parameter is used in what stage ? (Apart from reading the code which I would do if there is no other options)

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Nothing yet… I have a plan to update the documentation to show what stage each parameter belongs to, but I have not reworked things yet to accomodate this.

Glad to know that at least one person would find that information useful!


All Hail the creaters of odm.
358 photos, 12mp from mavic pro.
I selected fast otho so I could see the results. great results given the camera. 58 min processing time.
next I want to create a Dtm Dsm. to save processing time if possible, where do i rerun from. and does it make any difference.

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You could try adding the --dem and --dsm parameters and issuing a --rerun-from odm_dem, though I"ve not tried this yet.

Thank you, I reran (is that a word?) the same data set, at random I selected rerun from structure from motion, second option.
this Run, took 40 min processing time.
the results are good with some bowing of the 3d model but given the camera and no gcp not bad. I have noticed I got better results out of the box with the Parrot anafi. with the Anafi drone the camera is 21mp but the gps and altitude seemed to give much better results with odm. with gsd of .75 not unusual using the Anafi and odm. The gsd with the mavic pro and odm at 65’ agl was 1.82 no gcp used.

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