Does “Dual” work well?

I have one slr but two cameras on a pole works best, it’s just that it has a larger price than a GoPro.

I’ve used two GoPro 10 on a pole and that worked great but they need a lot of light to work well.

But if I get another slr it would be a different model so it means I need to use dual lens model.

I need to force fisheye now and dual tries to find it out automatically and that might not work.

Would it be possible to add a setting like “dual-fisheye”?

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If we add the cameras to the lens database, we don’t need to add a custom lens model like dual-fisheye.

Have you looked at adding the cameras so you don’t need to force overrides?

I have had bad experience with the automatic detection. That’s why I’m asking.

I don’t think my Olympus slr is in your database.

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Automatic usually falls over if we don’t have a lens profile for something that’s a bit strange.

Have you looked at possibly adding the cameras you need to help make sure automatic behaves properly for you and others with the same cameras?

How can I do that?

Although adding a slr can be tricky as one camera can have many different lenses.

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Poke through here:

Let me know if you have specific questions, but you should only need to put the sensor dimensions really, much like the other Interchangeable Lens Camera systems that are listed already.

Which reminds me that I need to put my Fujifilm X-T2 in there, as well as our Rolling Shutter Correction database (don’t forget to add your camera there too!)

Probably more must be needed, you can’t tell the lens type from a sensor.

No, but the lens calibration coefficients and therefore the lens model, have a much higher chance of being determined properly if the sensor dimensions are known.

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