Does depend on GPU or CPU to process?

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to set a dedicated computer for WebODM.
Does the WebODM process despnd on GPU or CPU to process the work for the images?

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If you have a GPU it will be used it to speed up some computations. But it’s not required to have a GPU.

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In specific, an NVIDIA GTX 9xx or above :slight_smile:

In my experience, a GPU is handy, but is only used for a minority of operations, so only improves speeds by 5-10%. It’s also important to consider GPU RAM, my 3050Ti laptop GPU has 4GB but that caps the resolution of the images that can be processed with it, so 8GB of GPU ram would be better.

The benchmarking database has a reasonable amount of info, although it lacking much on newer processors. You might have seen it already, but puget systems have some info on pix4d benchmarks from their tests Puget Custom Computers: PC Hardware Articles

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