Docker WSL 2 - Increase storage allocation? and maximize RAM usage?

Hi All - I am running into an issue with some larger processing jobs using WebODM / Docker WSL2 on Windows machine. The specified storage device has substantially more room than Docker allocates, however I don’t know how to increase this in Docker. It was straight forward when using Hyper-V. Any ideas on how / where to increase this in WSL2? When the limit is hit, late in a long run, it’s really a bummer…

On a related note, the RAM allocated is also lower than the total available. I am thinking this should be adjustable as well? I’ve tripped this a few times as well…

Thank you in advance for any help the forum might have on this one!

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Do you know if Docker with the WSL2 backend uses the wslconfig?

I run my ODM just via WSL (no docker), and I have a custom wslconfig to help with allocation issues.

You can also edit the VHDX to expand it, and set a custom SWAP VHDX as well.

Hi Saijin - Thank you for the feedback. I will definitely look into running via WSL (no docker) in the near future. I believe this link identified how to config for maximizing RAM, however I don’t see a way to set up config for more disk space. Any ideas?

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I managed my VHDx using Hyper-V Manager so it was a nice/easy GUI to resize the VHDx.

When you use WSL2 to import the root tarfs, you can also choose where the resultant WSL2 image (VHDx) gets created, so I have full read/write privileges to it. I’m not sure if the same would be true for the Docker+WSL2 install.

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Thank you! I think I’ve got it going. Might need to reinstall WebODM for the diagnostics window to recognized the larger disk but I can see it is changed. Thanks again!

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